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kyle broussard - content marketing expert - owner of poofnewsales

I’m the co-founder of PoofNewSales and HelpingPot

I help business owners to grow their organic search traffic with high quality blog content and additional content marketing services. 

This website houses all of my thoughts, notes, and a majority of my writing on a wide variety of topics. You can also find a portfolio of my work here. 

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How Can I Help Your Business? 🚀

content strategy

Content Strategy

I help companies to build in-depth, data driven content strategies across multiple channels to generate organic search traffic and convert it.


As part of my service offering, I also help businesses to improve their SEO, from on-page, to technical, and architecture as well as for ad campaigns.

Content Marketing

Strategy and optimization is just half the process. I also help to produce, upload, optimize, and report on blogs, case studies, white papers, and more.


High quality, value-driven sales copy that helps businesses to convert more on key pages, and get their message across more effectively on the first impression.

email newsletters

Email Newsletters

Find your brand voice and convert your loyal audience with email newsletters that make a lasting impression, and that demand action.



Not sure exactly what your business needs, but ready to make a change? Let me take a look behind the scenes to make in-depth suggestions.

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