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HelpingPot – My Online CBD Store & Head Shop (A Poof Project) - Around 1 year after starting Poofnewsales, in December of 2018, Cody Marchant and I decided to start a side project in order to prove the viability and importance of content strategy. There were a few major motivations for this project: Get into e-commerce in an industry that was still blossoming Create a case study for […]
Poofnewsales – My Content Marketing Agency - Around December of 2017, my business partner Cody Marchant and I decided it was finally time to combine forces and create our own marketing agency. Specifically, we wanted to target content marketing – to grow businesses’ organic search traffic. The premise: We knew the content marketing industry was projected to double through 2020 We knew […]
Domain Authority in Organic Search: The Elephant is Afraid of the Mouse - You’ve all heard the saying about how elephants are afraid of mice. It’s true. Much like we are afraid of things that scurry and scuttle – like spiders and centipedes, elephants are instinctually afraid of mice. You’re probably saying to yourself, “what do mice and elephants have to do with domain authority and organic search […]
Hello Everyone – Welcome to My New Site! - All entrepreneurs, founders and consultants need a professional website to display their work, talents, and the value they bring to businesses. This is my initial attempt at fleshing out my very first personal website. I built it all from scratch myself as a challenge, so if it seems a bit off to start – just […]