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poofnewsales content marketing agency


My primary business venture – a content marketing agency that specializes in generating organic search traffic for businesses. We create content in-depth strategies and execute them.

how to grow organic search traffic: a tale of 10000 visitors


An online CBD shop that also sells head shop products. A Poof project that has blossomed into a full blown drop shipping store with 10,000+ monthly visitors.

hydeandzeke fantasy football podcast


A passion project with my business partner Cody Marchant – who mostly runs the content side of things, while I manage the site. Podcasts and blogs that cover DFS football.

Case Studies

Some in-depth findings that might change your perspective on content marketing: 

You’ve been told that if you’re a small site, there isn’t much you can do to try and outrank the big guys organically. But what if I had evidence to prove that this is entirely false, and that the #1 thing Google cares about is comprehensive content? Would it change your view on the importance of content strategy and high quality content? 

“Google is turning into an answer engine, and organic clicks are disappearing, why should I invest in content?” I hear you, but what if I told you that you could build 10,000+ monthly visitors in less than a year, simply by creating an in-depth content strategy, and then implementing it through your blog? Don’t miss our on the biggest opportunities in your industry.


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